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Our Ministry


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Founded in 1933 by the Missionaries of Africa in Tanzania, the Daughters of Mary is a Diocesan Religious Congregation for Women. The charism of the Congregation is love and service. The Mother General and the Mother House is situated in the Archdiocese of Tabora, Tanzania-East Africa.


All the community members respond to this charism by engaging in different activities such as health care, education, pastoral ministry, social work, and children, women and youth development. Most of our ministries are directed to rural areas where we serve the poor and needy. These ministries are offered in 8 Dioceses in Tanzania.

Our Numbers

  • 365 Professed Sisters (25 retired; 48 studying; 292 working in the Missions)

  • 75 in different levels of formation

  • All sisters are from, live and work in Tanzania

  • 20 have retired, 20 are studying, 320 are in Mission

Daily Life

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